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In the world of technology and the online business, one principle is the most important – you must be up-to-date; you, or the people you hire to run your website. If you don’t follow trends, you will get out of the game quickly. There is no mercy in the online world. Today a short story about Gutenberg – what is it, and why you should follow the changes and updates that appear frequently.

Gutenberg was also a famous inventor and it is good to know it; we own him a lot.

Gutenberg is an editor interface that you find in WordPress. That name can’t be an accident. It should remind you of something, or rather someone. Johannes Gutenberg was a German inventor who introduced printing to Europe with the printing press. It is thanks to its mechanical movable type printing that it has become possible to automatize book production. It was a breakthrough for writing and the spread of reading and learning to the masses. The written word became widely available, and this was the beginning of great revolutions. No wonder WordPress gave that name to its revolutionary content creator. So, Gutenberg – what is it exactly? 

Gutenberg – what is it?

Gutenberg is not just a simple editor. It is an advanced tool that enable you to add rich content. Its main feature are blocks. One click and you have a variety of options to build engaging content. It helps you to distinguish different aspects of your post, and, what is one of the most convenient option, you can change the order of your blocks as much as you want, even if the text is almost ready. On the left you see these little arrows that move a block up or down. It couldn’t be simpler, trust us. You can insert, rearrange, and style content even without technical knowledge. No need to know custom code or magic development spells. Without being an expert developer, every beginner can add a certain block and focus on content. Imagination is the limit.

Gutenberg - what is it

Let Gutenberg be your friend – keep it close and be updated with its online existence!

Gutenberg is available as part of WordPress 5.0 and all later versions. This simple, clear and very user-friendly tool helps to customize every WordPress website and tailor it according to owner’s needs. So what about the updates mentioned in the title? Gutenberg is updated very frequently. We mean it, very very frequently. And that is another great advantage of it. Every few months (or sometimes even more often) new features and enhancements are added, and the whole list of bugs is fixed. That’s how WordPress takes care of its clients.

The latest new plugin version was released on July 8, 2020. There have been again some accessibility improvements. The list of all changes and fixing in Gutenberg 8.5 is here. It’s worth following this page to know what’s changing in Gutenberg.

If you dream about having your own website, stop dreaming and start doing. WordPress will be like your best friends – always there, very helpful and supportive. You just need to get to know this friend of yours. So if you want to take full advantage of this tool, you need to know all the news and features that WordPress offers you. And if you need help with your WordPress, doesn’t matter if it is your private blog or business website, just let us know. We will analyze your website, set up goals, proceed with all necessary implementation and server work, and help you get more traffic. You choose your priorities, and we deliver our solutions. Save your time, and let us help you. Let technology work for your business. And now it is the time when we all say, thank you Gutenberg!