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2020 will mark the history of many companies. It has been a year of great crises, but also of great changes. The world stopped for a moment to discover a whole array of new possibilities. Most changes took place in the work and approach to work in many companies. Forced by the epidemiological situation, company owners have made mass remote working possible for their employees. For many people remote working had been unimaginable before the pandemic. This is a style of work that many dream of. Is this right? Well, many people only when forced to work remotely realized that this is not as ideal option as it seemed. To make remote working more effective, a person must maintain above average self-discipline and above all good organization of place and time of work. Suffice to say, remote work is only effective if one puts a lot of effort into the whole logistics and preparation, much more than a regular job where you can only come and leave.

Today we will share with you advice straight from the heart based on our experience with remote working. These are proven ways that help us to make remote working more effective. Some may sound funny or trivial, but don’t let them fool you. These are the details that make up the whole thing.

1. Have your workstation.

This is a very important principle, if not the most important one. It doesn’t matter that you work from home. Give yourself a place to work – a place that will only serve you for work, not for eating, not for Netflix, not for social media scrolling. Let it not be a kitchen worktop or a different coffee table every day. This must be a clearly defined space, which you don’t have to wait for before someone slows it down. Your brain needs to know that when you sit down to that particular desk, the working mode has to be switched on. It’s much harder to get a place like this when you work from home. In the office, your desk is rarely used as a movie table or lunch stand (unless the boss is on leave, sorry boss). You need to simulate something similar at home, and it’s really worth making an investment in such a separate workstation. Your desk only for work – this is the first step to make your remote work more effective.

2. Clean your workstation… every day.

Okay, you read it right. It’s about cleaning. And it doesn’t matter that cleaning a workstation goes beyond the responsibilities your boss pays you for. In this case, you clean for your own good. We mentioned at the beginning that working from home is not so flawless. Here’s one of the extra duties that you may not find in your contract. It’s much easier to make a mess of your workstation when working remotely. It’s just one mug, just one book, 3 cables, a plate from breakfast, and I’ll just go to the kitchen to get a bottle of water – nothing, yet in a few hours your desk can turn into a small dump.

First of all, when working in the office, you don’t have access to as many cups, plates and other home gadgets. Secondly, when working in the office, most people are ashamed to have a mess on their desk. It’s different when you work from home, when nobody is looking.  And, of course, if you want to, work with the mess around, your choice. But one thing is for sure, your work will be much less effective when there are more distracting objects around, especially the stinking ones, which are leftovers of food from yesterday. The fewer things not work-related around the better.

Take 5 minutes every day (only 5 minutes!) to clean up! It’s not a lot of time, but if you’re gonna spend it honestly every day, you will quickly see the results.

3. Don’t work in your pajamas… we mean it.

Been there done that. Don’t repeat that mistake. Get up, wash up and change as if you were going to the office. Again, it’s all about cheating on yourself, specifically, cheating on the brain. Dressing up for work, even though you’re not going anywhere and staying at home, gives a signal to be ready for action in focus. Working in your pajamas and being unwashed, apart from being unhealthy and unhygienic, makes work no different from weekend laziness. Have your skin care routine, brush your teeth, and do everything you would do if you went to the office working in between people. I know. In pajamas and slippers, lying in bed is more comfortable, but believe us, more comfortable does not mean more effective. And we want to make our remote work more effective, don’t we? Save your pajamas for the weekend in front of the TV.

4. Work according to the plan and use a timer

Working from home tempts with freedom and independence. But that doesn’t mean working in chaos and performing tasks with no plan. Plan all tasks and try to follow this plan. Divide the tasks into more urgent and less urgent ones. Work according to the scheme, taking breaks, e.g. 30 minutes of work, 5 minutes of break. This system will keep you focused and efficient for longer. It makes no sense to work for a few hours without a break, or to take short breaks to check your phone every few minutes. It is the constant fragmentation of our time and it affects our concentration. A simple timer will help you to maintain a specific time regime. Be honest with yourself. Working from home you are not controlled by your boss, but your effectiveness is very easy to be measured.

We hope that these simple tips and lived experiences will help you work shorter but smarter.


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