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Send fully automated WhatsApp messages and notifications!


WhatsApp integration with something that every business needs, whether they know about it or not yet. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult than you think, in order to integrate your system with WhatsApp you need to verify your business with Facebook, submit a lot of documents, wait a long time and then apply to be eligible to use WhatsApp Business API.

Here at NatWeb Solutions, we don’t like making things too complicated, so we came up with something a lot easier than that 🙂 In fact – give it a try! Put your WhatsApp phone number in the box below and hit “send” button.

Send WhatsApp messages automatically

Below we have prepared a small sample of WhatsApp perfectly integrated with the website, sending automatically programmed messages to your phone number. Test it!

Please put your WhatsApp number here:

We can help you to fully integrate Whatsapp with your systems so you can start messaging your customers today!

Would you like to test your website and see how it performs according to its official metrics even before we start to work on it? Do it for FREE!
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After all, you will be able to tell if your website is user-friendly and highly-ranked, and if it needs any improvement.

Contact us for more details concerning website optimization. Also, don’t forget to check the rest of our web services.


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Send fully automated WhatsApp messages and notifications!

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WhatsApp Integration can benefit any business. From marketing to automated notifications, your customers will appreciate you being in touch with them!