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Yandex Metrica Integration For Your Website


Yandex Metrica is in some way similar to Google Analytics, but there are few key differences in both tools and it’s Yandex Metrica which stands out when you really want to understand your customers.

Why is Yandex Metrica different? The key difference (among many others) is the ability to record an entire customer session on your website! Did we say record? Yes, we did! Now you can sit and watch what your customers are doing, where are they clicking, what are they reading and when are they leaving your website. And you can watch it just like you were sitting next to a person browsing your page. Of course, this is not the only functionality of Yandex Metrica. You will find there a lot of useful information about your website visitors and this can really help you to turn your online website into successfull business!


We can fully integrate Yandex Metrica with your website so you can start understanding your customers today!

Would you like to test your website and see how it performs according to its official metrics even before we start to work on it? Do it for FREE!
Read our blog post on Have you tested your website? – Short Story About Lighthouse and follow all instructions!
After all, you will be able to tell if your website is user-friendly and highly-ranked, and if it needs any improvement.

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Yandex Metrica Integration For Your Website

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