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Search engine optimization can be a tricky and a tough thing to get right, some dismiss its relevance as a tool for improving business. But if we look at the facts, we quickly realize how misguided that is. Put simply, the basic principle behind SEO is the following: More online presence means more business. Although social media is important for obvious reasons, search engine traffic has a ten times higher conversion rate than the social media giants. Facts like these show the real power of SEO.

As the impact of the internet on business continues to expand, so do the resources at hand to stay ahead of the game. In the following fact-finder infographic , detail the most important facts and figures surrounding the world of SEO. You can consider it your introductory short-course, starting with its history (detailing key innovations and a separate account of the different algorithms search engines use), and then going through lists of key resources, biggest players in the game, impact figures and trends.

Apart from introductory details, the infographic gives real insights into Google’s use of algorithms, search engine market shares (spoiler alert: Google reigns supreme at 92.5% of mobile searches), and even breaks down different SEO strategies and their impact on search engine placement. Their research shows that these strategies are especially important when deployed by local businesses: 18% of local mobile searches lead to a purchase in less than a day! These figures also stress the importance of improving mobile-specific tactics: by 2021, mobile searching will have an estimated 1.4 trillion-dollar impact on local sales.

All in all, this infographic will prove to be a great resource for those of you interested in catching up to the strategies that will get your business into the A-game and if you decide to do so please check out our web development services which will help you achieve that goal.

Power of good SEO Infographic