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You’re starting to run an online shop with a few, several orders per day. You make up your mind with everything by hand. You pick up orders yourself, pack and send them. Many people started this way! If you run your own online shop, sooner or later there will come a time when you have to automate the whole process from order to payment and shipping. You have to, if you want to increase the number of orders and maintain a high quality of customer service (and not have a heart attack due to the high level of stress before your fifties). So how to track sales and automate order to cash processes in your online shop? Trust technology and let it work for your business and success. Automation is the new reality. Here you have our solutions.

Automating the process is crucial and… surprisingly easy!

You need a simple and intuitive device that’s easy to attach to your online store. AOMSAdvanced Order Management System is an independent and reliable system integrated with WordPress. Easy to install and even easier to use. Its biggest advantage is that it allows you to keep and track all order management related issues in one place. So more separate files, notes and documents all over the computer. All you need to know and have is just in one place. You can search for customer’s previous and current orders. All the history is always there. So you can check it, analyze it, and verify if there is any weakness in the order to cash processes in your online shop. How to track sales? With Advanced Order Management System you need just one glance at the system to know the status of all customers’ orders.

How to track sales and why it makes customers happy

Tracking sales is very easy on AOMS. You don’t have to check courier services on their websites. We hated it! It was always annoying and it used to take a lot of time that could be spent way more effectively. The automated system can track orders and divide them according to status. Thus, you see transit time on each transaction. Also, shipment details, shipment ID, shipping carrier, and all the progress are there. Why is it important? It improves workflow and create a fluid order-to-cash flow. The smoother and faster the flow, the more orders your company can process, and the quicker your business can grow. Also, it improves your customer services! Because you are always ready to reply to a customer and send all the features of his or her order. You just put the name or the ID and everything is accessible in a heartbeat. And remember the key note here: your happiness is a happy client. is an example of an online store that has achieved significant success on the UAE market and operates on the basis of AOMS. The brand has managed to increase the delivery rate and improved custom service only because the whole order to cash process is automated now and the team can track sales more effectively. Let technology work for your business. You will see the results very soon.

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We have gathered our experience from managing and supporting online shops and have given you examples of solutions to particular problems. This series of posts is a real treasury of knowledge (but also a list of problems), available for free and dedicated to all e-commerce website owners. Read it, enjoy it, and most important… take advantage of it!