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SEO content, keyword selection… you probably hear these words everywhere in digital marketing. Everyone wants a good SEO in today’s world. In fact, everyone search for techniques and content that helps to rank a website high in Google. Content marketing strategy is the process. People write blog posts and expect an immediate inflow of views. That’s not how it works.

Positioning the website through content marketing activities is a long-term strategy, the benefits of which we will see in the long term. But it is worth every seconds that you spend on improving all the details of your website content. Of course, it’s no secret that SEO algorithms are changing, and Google is making increasing technical demands on website owners and website development companies. One thing remains the same – the key factor for SEO is still content. And one of the elements of SEO content is keyword selection. Well done keyword analysis is largely a factor responsible for the success of further SEO actions. Therefore, today we will only focus on this one issue.

Keyword research should be your first step

In 2017, Google announced that the search engine uses artificial intelligence to rank sites. This has changed the main purpose of site owners. It has become important how people behave on the site, how long they stay on that site and whether and when they return to the search engine. It’s not quantity that matters anymore, but quality of the content. General keywords should be the basis for analysis. They are an ideal starting point.

You have a product. Let it be a white watch for women, e.g. the one Jubilya has – a women’s jewellery shop that is one of our partners. You want to find keywords for your white watch that you want to sell. But what next? A good starting point for keyword selection is to use suggestions of similar keywords that are available in the Google search box. Thanks to them you can get to know the most frequently typed queries related to a given keyword phrase. This gives us the opportunity to pre-select keywords related to our industry. Seeing what pops up in Google’s suggestions you are able to determine what people looking for a white watch are typing in.

Suggestions of similar search results in Google provide an initial analysis of keywords that we can use for positioning

So the beginning of your keyword selection is to come up with and search for phrases that describe your product and that are typed by people looking for a similar thing. And most importantly, you will already have confirmation straight from Google that these phrases are often searched by people potentially interested in your content. Sounds great? It sounds great to us!

It’s time to compare ideas

There are many free as well as paid tools on the Internet, which promise us reliable analysis and keywords selection. Sometimes, however, it is not worth looking far. In our opinion, a great tool is free Google Trends from… Google. Google Trends is one of the most interesting tools that will not only allow us to search for valuable keywords, but will also allow us to check the popularity of keywords in relation to a given period in the past. The tool allows us to verify whether a given variant of a keyword is still popular in Google queries, and even make keyword selection by specific regions of the world. This way you can easily compare a few of your keyword ideas and see which one is more popular online.

It is time to give the key words their place

The key words in the text play a huge role. They work on your position in Google searches. We will write about how to create SEO texts in the next posts. Here is a small sample of how keywords should be placed even in such seemingly short and insignificant text.

Example of key words arrangement

Think like the person sitting on the other side

Above all, we have to remember that the text we create is not only evaluated by an artificial algorithm. It is also read by a real person, among others, by you now. This must not be forgotten. A text perfectly written under SEO may turn out to be not very sympathetic and indifferent to our target group. On the other side of the monitor sits a man. And the best technique is to get into the other man’s shoes and write texts that you would like to read and watch yourself.

There you have it – keyword selection and all the basics. Please let us know in the comments if you have other questions about SEO content so we can create more posts about the topic. If you struggle with SEO content and you want us to help you deal with it, check our Website Content Management Services. Let technology work for your business. And let our solutions boost your online presence. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook to read more about our ideas and inspirations.