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Problem of abandoned carts is a real nightmare for all online shop owners. Somebody’s gotta get on your side. He was interested in your offer. That’s a lot. He spent a while browsing the products. The website is doing its job so far. So your almost-the-customer is about to buy a product. He puts it into a cart (you already see in your head the money coming into the account), and then… he leaves without buying. Yes, we know, it hurts. But don’t worry. There is a lot you can do! You need smart solutions. We love Megaplaza because their extensions are really user-friendly and very supportive when it comes to online businesses. They really help to boost your online shop. Today, let’s focus on Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email extension.

Abandoned Cart Rate – so what?

Approximately 66% of buyers will abandon their carts and, unfortunately, never come back and complete their checkout.

These are huge numbers that translate into real costs for your shop. This is money you will lose forever if you do not act. Experts claim that the best optimized checkout process should have an abandonment rate of 20% and this is the goal we should try to achieve. People abandon their carts for various reasons. One of the most common one is a complicated checkout process. It means most of these people felt uncomfortable with your website and its checkout process, and they will never finish the purchasing cycle in your online store. In fact, you don’t have to hire a team of experts to improve your website performance. Just look for ready-made solutions. Online shop extensions are great examples of such smart and user-friendly solutions.

Abandoned Cart Email extension

It is a great online shop extension that gives you powerful tools. Abandoned Cart Email extension automatically sends personalized emailslearn how to bring back your would-be customers to customers who abandoned carts in your online shop. It reminds them about their abandoned carts and offer them a customized discount. Effects? More shoppers recover their carts and complete the checkout. Simple but effective. You install the extension and set all the most important options, step by step, according to the instructions. All the rest is done without your effort. Magento 2 extension does its job, and you see visible effects in the form of returning and satisfied customers. Also, it generates overall reports so you can quickly keep track of the simple figures and see the real effects. The extension has a lot additional functions that allow you to learn about your customers shopping behavior. It is also integrated with Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking, which gives you even more valuable statistics.

Check the full full Abandoned Cart Email features for store admins and for customers here. 

What else can you do for your online shop

If you are looking for a ready-made solution in the form of online shop extension, which focuses not only on the abandoned cart rate then check our previous post. We’ve written about Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension, which helps you to comprehensively handle the entire checkout process for your customers, including abandoned carts but also many more.

Remember also to check your website performance. Your website performance is the key, and if it is poor, it’s hard to improve the other statistics, especially the cart abandonment rate. The article Have you tested your website? – Short Story About Lighthouse explains how to test your website for free (!) and it describes the most important parts of your report. We really recommend you take some time for this. Weak website performace can be one of the reasons why people don’t finish shopping on your website. In this case Abandoned Cart Email extension alone will not solve your problem.

Take care of the statistics of your online shop and follow our blog. We share with you the best solutions, verified tools and practital tips and trick but the rest is in your hands.