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Newsletter is a great tool to promote your online store. You can use it to information about promotions and news, industry information or send thematic guides. In today’s article you will learn step by step how to build a great newsletter template.

To create the newsletter template, follow the guides:

  1. On the Admin Panel, Marketing > Communications > Newsletter Template.
  2. Click on the Add New Template, go to the workplace and you can do:
  • Set Template Name for the new newsletter template
  • Enter Template Subject to define what the newsletter is for.
  • Insert the Sender Name who sends the newsletter to the suscribers.
  • Insert the Sender Email that is the email address the newsletter is sent from.
  • Cick on the Show/Hide Editor button at the top of Template Content field to enable the WYSIWYG editor. It is flexible to edit and update the content as needed.


The Template Content has included unsusbcribe link before, that is required by law. Please do not delete it —

  • Insert any CSS declarations to format the content in the Template Styles field.
  • Make sure that all configuration is all correct, click on Preview Template link.
  • Save Config to complete