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Today, in order to conduct effective sales, you should know not only what and in what quantities customers buy, but also how they make decisions and what their purchasing process looks like. In Smart commerce, artificial intelligence algorithms are used, which are able to quickly capture connections and present the most important conclusions from the behavior of visitors.
By better understanding your audience, it becomes possible to design your customer experience more efficiently so that the buyer stays with the store for longer.

Smart commerce

Smart commerce revolutionizes stores not only in the analytical sphere, but also changes their way of interacting with clients. As part of this approach, these technologies are implemented, thanks to which it is possible to improve the consumer’s experience and make it easier for him to make a purchase decision.The basic ones are those responsible for the content of the website and those behind the implementation of the e-store. They are used for this digital marketing platform, such as Adobe Experience Manager, which allow not only to effectively manage marketing content and personalize their display, including the profile of the visitor, but also the basis for building modern, integrated digital marketing strategies and its automation.

Chat bots and augmented reality

Popularity gains among others intelligent chat-bots, which using the content from the digital marketing platform and the store embedded on it, are able to engage the user in other channels of contact,
The technology that can change the face of modern commerce is also augmented reality – The fashion industry is already using augmented reality to “smart fit”, during which you can check how hundreds of different clothes will look on us without having to put them on.
This is an excellent example of technological consistency in smart commerce because while trying on, artificial intelligence allows you to present on the screen a “mirror” of clothing proposals that would match the intended stylization. Thanks to the AR in the future, everyone will be able to check, before using the smartphone or AR goggles, how the product will look on his desk – adds the expert.

Smart commerce is also strongly focused on two completely new shopping channels – virtual reality and intelligent voice assistants.
The integration of e-commerce with a voice assistant allows the product to reach people who have been digitally excluded so far (disabled, seniors). An important addition to the technology portfolio used in smart commerce is the Internet of Things.
IoT combines all the components of smart commerce into a whole, thanks to which a customer who browsed in an e-store operating on a digital marketing platform, individual categories of goods immediately after entering a real outlet can receive tips on where to find interesting products.