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Giveaway competitions are the best way to grow your social media following, increase website traffic, and get more email subscribers. With this type of action, you can quickly and with a small contribution you can attract more fans. What’s more, they’re fans who can convert to customers much easier. Recently, an ideal solution has emerged on the market for all those who want to giveaways organize in their social media. RafflePress – the best WordPress giveaway and contest plugin. It is a 100% mobile responsive giveaway solution. We love it from the first sight! In fact, we believe it is the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress contest plugin in the market. Giveaways and contests with RafflePress are easy and don’t requite writing a single code. So how does RafflePress work? Let’s go into details.

What is so special about giveaways and contests with RafflePress?

The previous WordPress plugin, which in theory was supposed to help organize giveaways, just didn’t do it. They slowed down the page, or they crashed it at all. They were horrible – trust us. Of course, there were SaaS (Software as a service) giveaway platforms on the market, which everyone could buy and install separately. In reality, they were very expensive and unattainable for ordinary bloggers or small and medium business owners. Here came RafflePress from WordPress!

Firs of all, if you want to make giveaways and contests with RafflePress, your can do it for FREE! Yes, you read it well. The basic version of RafflePress called RafflePress Lite is there for you to download it. What’s more, it really has all the basic features so you really won’t find anything better in the market. For those more demanding and advanced, WordPress has prepared another version – RafflePress Pro. It requires annual renewal for updates and support. There’s something for everyone, told ya.

How Does RafflePress Work?

Above all, RafflePress comes with a drag and drop builder. It helps you to create a successful giveaway campaing in just a few minutes, not hours. Additionally, you don’t have to right a single line of code, thus, you don’t need to hire a developer to organize giveaways and contests with RafflePress. Its smart goal-based workflows and pre-built giveaway templates, based on the best practices of the most successful giveaway campaigns in history, help you to save time. Also RafflePress giveaway widget is 100% mobile responsive. It works great on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. The plugin allows you to track and retarget so you can maximize your conversion goals.

RafflePress guarantees you increased traffic to your website and social media engagement! How? It has a great built-in viral sharing feature that is necessary for the word-of-mouth marketing. It means that users are rewarded with bonus entries if they refer-a-friend, or share your giveaway on social media using their custom referral link. The whole think does work amazingly! You will see results very fast and we promise… you will be surprised!

We wish you great and successful giveaways and contests with RafflePress! In case of any questions or problems just contact us. Read more on our blog.