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‘Huawei banned to do business in the United States’ – hundreds of headlines shouted from all major industrial and business websites. You’ve probably also heard and read all the news about Huawei being cut ties to all its business partner in the United States. Therefore, there is no more Google Play store on their mobile devices for the next 90 days. Additionally, they will not support Android Security Patches anymore. Technically if it’s on Android Pie it will be on Pie for the rest of the mobile device lifecycle. Major tech companies need to comply with the current administration like Microsoft removing Huawei laptop from their store, ARM cut ties with Huawei threating future chip designs, EE and Vodafone dropping 5G launch.

Moreover, Huawei banned means that this Goliath of a company has faced another problem – what happens with the store? However, they claim they have been building their play store as an alternative, but the question is if it is enough to survive a hard time. Samsung is doing the same in case this happens to them. Anyway, besides the Apple fans, would you buy a phone that doesn’t run on Android and doesn’t have Google Play store? It’s a massive challenge for Huawei. Hence, as a multi-billion company, it may or may not survive this chapter of their history. What do you think about having one less competitor out there in the Market? How does it affect us – the average clients? Could DJI be next on the list? Please share with us your thoughts and comments.

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