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Our great photographer – Inder Sura prepared for you the most crucial 5 pre-wedding photography tips. Read it, and enjoy the pictures from our latest photo sessions.

Pre-wedding photography is a growing trend. More and more engaged couples decide to have a professional pre-wedding photoshoot taken in a unique location before their wedding day. Wedding day is always a stressful time. Most of the photos show a couple in preparation. There is no shortage of pictures with family, friends and acquaintances. Also, there is no time for too long setting or searching for the right background. The photographer’s task is to capture the most beautiful moments of this important day. That’s why it’s a great idea to have an engagement session or an ante-nuptial session before the wedding day. Why a pre-wedding session is a must?

Because time is crucial!

First of all, lovers have time to get used to the camera. They can choose the spot, wear their favourite outfits, and pose in the way they want. You may be there alone. You don’t have to rush. Secondly, the photographer has time to get to know the couple and their expectations better.

The time of wedding photographers is worth its weight in gold on weekends. It is much more comfortable and definitely more advantageous to reserve time for a prenuptial session on a weekday. Plan a looser day, organize a free afternoon. Don’t try to squeeze in this session between work or lunch break. Let this be the time for you and your partner. After all, these are photos that are supposed to be a souvenir of your love.

Check the most important pre-wedding photography tips we prepared for you based on our experiences.

Pre-wedding photography tips

5 Engagement and pre-wedding photography tips for every couple!

no. 1 Choose a photographer who will take pictures both on the wedding day and during the prenuptial session. This will allow the photographer to get to know your character and style. In addition, it will help you to better present you in photos and capture the most important moments for you.

no. 2 Have a face-to-face meeting with your photographer to get acquainted with his line of thoughts and ideas. It’s important for everyone that your expectations meet halfway down the road. Therefore, an honest and open conversation is crucial.

no. 3 Ask if you can get a flash drive with selected photos to use in any way you like. This is important. You can use the photos on wedding invitations, in the guestbook, as a slide show at a party or as a large printout on canvas to be signed by the guests.

no. 4 Find out if you can at least do part of the prenuptial session at the wedding venue. Such shots will compose beautifully with your wedding report. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get to know the place and find the perfect locations for your later wedding photos. You will feel more comfortable knowing the place and knowing where you look best in the photos. You will also save time during the wedding ceremony.

no. 5 Finally, be yourselves! Dress comfortably. Don’t try to look or act like a bride and groom. Behave yourselves naturally. A good photographer knows what to do to capture what is most important – your love 🙂

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