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Pre-wedding photography is not about following the latest trends. It is your big day that is coming. Also, these are your feelings and memories that we want to save on photos. Thus, we combine our skills and experience with your vision and expectations. Pre-wedding photography helps to record your wedding preparations. Although it should be as natural as possible, there are a few things that you have to know to make the best out of the shoot day. How to keep the precious moments before your big day? In Natweb Solutions, we can show you our best works and share with you inspiring tips for successful pre-wedding photoshoot. We call it the three C strategy. 

First C stands for CONQUER YOUR UNKNOWN FEAR of pre-wedding photoshoot.

A photoshoot means that a camera follows you and your partner. If you want to keep your real memories forever, learn how to pose and behave naturally. Stress and shyness are your enemies. Schedule cozy pre-wedding photography, so you have time to understand what to expect and feel at ease on your big day. Pre-wedding photo session relieves stress and helps you to feel more comfortable with a camera on your big day. Moreover, you get to know a photographer better. It is crucial because he helps you to overcome your stress and create a final effect. Also, remember to wear something you’re comfortable in. Clothes shouldn’t be too tight or clingy because it may make you more stress and focus more on your outfit than shoots. 

Finally, the best tip to conquer the fear during the shoot is thinking of the happiest days with your partner. Breathe, relax, and just be yourself. Have fun. We know you nail it!

The second C means that CONCEPT IS THE KEY.

Try to find out a theme that you want to follow during your pre-wedding photography. Search for inspirations online. Check our gallery and ask as many questions as possible to be sure you will get what you want. Discuss it together with your partner and make notes every time you find a picture or style that is close to your heart. It is important to find a concept that represents you and your spouse-to-be as a couple. Should it be light or dark? More about nature or industrial? It doesn’t matter if it is a traditional, thematic, casual or glamorous pre-wedding photoshoot. What matters the most is that you have to feel comfortable and unique. When in doubt, just hug. All the rest is our photographer job. 

Photo by: NatWeb Solutions

Finally, C as CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION for pre-wedding photoshoot. 

You don’t have to go where everyone goes. So, don’t try to follow trends or Instagram wedding locations unless they honestly identify your relationship. Think beforehand which places reflect you and your beloved one. What do you like to do together? Is it Netflix and chill or maybe sports activities? Share with us your ideas. It may be an interior, such as a hotel that allows shoots or your home with preferred decor. Sea breeze of water from a beach or lantern lights at night are both very romantic for the outdoor setup. Our photographer always says that the sky is the limit. Wherever you go, he goes. Choose a place that makes you feel special about your relationship. 

Photo by: NatWeb Solutions


When you get your final pictures, post just a few on social media and tag us. Show off a little bit from what we’ve done together. Above all, choose your favourite ones, frame them and hang on a wall at home. So, you can always look at them and go back to that magic pre-wedding and wedding days. Be proud of your love. Because love is something that we really need in this world. 

How do you feel about pre-wedding photography? Have you had one/are you planning one? Just remember the three Cs:

  • Conquer Your Fear, 
  • Concept is the key,
  • Choose your location, and finally Cherish your photos. 

As we love to say over and over again: your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow, and may our Natweb solutions be the timeless memory of that magic moment.

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Photo by: NatWeb Solutions