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Every journey starts with one step. In our case, it was an idea – an idea that became a reality. Finally, the reality that has been officially agreed and the papers that have been signed. is officially present and available in the UAE now!

Above all, we are so proud as a team. We are thrilled to be on board and welcome you to the world of beautiful limited, rare collections, precious facsimile productions and manuscripts. You will find there information about the current projects.  Check the books that are the most valuable and important human heritage; the books that have changed the world.

  • WACLAW RZEWUSKI „Sur les Chevaux Orientaux et Provenants des Races Orientales”,
  • NICOLAUS COPERNICUS „De Revoluttionibus”,
  • LEONARDO DA VINCI „Codex Leicester”,
  • Blue Quaran,
  • Map of Mecca.

Welcome to the world of literature that have survived hundreds of years; the literature that is the most exclusive gift from our ancestors and our goal is to pass it to the next generations. – the place where the interaction of literature and art continues to inspire.
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We want you to enjoy our shared passion for history and literature.

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May 26, 2019

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