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Pass Abu Dhabi, soccer school website

Why do we love what we do?
We build your online presence, but we have to get to know you and your goals and mission first. The personal approach is what keeps us growing, and every single client teaches us something different. taught us A LOT! Not only about football but about being a great teammate in general. and its mission

PASS stands for ProActive Soccer School; a school located in Abu Dhabi. Their ‘Four Corner’ Model is what inspires us the most. Young players have four areas that help them to grow as athletes but also as human beings.
Firstly, the technical corner stands for ball control, passing, dribbling and shooting. Secondly, we have the physical corner that indicates the development of agility, balance, coordination and running.
Both, technical and physical aspects would be nothing without the psychological and social parts of the training. Children learn confidence, spatial awareness and enjoyment. In addition, they increase their ability of communication, collaboration and, above all, they make and maintain lifelong friendships.

We are proud to be the teammate!

They help to raise talented athletes, so we are more than proud to help them design and maintain their website and online presence. The website has galleries and video sections so that can share materials from training and matches. If you want your child to grow up loving sports and build enjoyment and confidence, visit their website and read more about this fantastic and passionate school.

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PASS, keep rocking and raising great future athletes. We are always here to support your goals! It is a please to be one of the players on your business team. Congratulations to the coaches on their commitment, passion and devotion for our next generations. Maybe someone from PASS will be a famous worldwide player in the future? Who knows.
We keep our fingers crossed.

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September 9, 2018

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