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Are you stuck because you do not know whether you should open an online shop or develop in-store retail? And what if there is a third option? Therefore, you can sell your clothes and designs online without having an actual online platform. Welcome to the new e-commerce reality!

The future is now, so is upcoming e-commerce supremacy

We are living in the era of the Internet and virtual stores. This, the future of e-commerce is gaining speed at a rapid rate. People buy online more and more often, and it may happen soon that e-commerce will overtake in-store retail. eMarketer. com – the worldwide famous market research company – forecasts that US smartphone retail sales will reach an increase of 38% in 2019. Consequently, it’s necessary to answer consumer’s needs and wants. Selling your products on the Internet is a must now.

Learn how to make more out of your day

To sell clothes online, you need an e-commerce platform. Web hosting, domain, server, SEO, customization – and it is all just the beginning of the long-term process of developing your online store. The e-commerce and mobile-friendly website requires time and effort, and – let’s be honest – someone has to sacrifice it. So, it is either you who sit down and spend time on designing your website from scratch and then keep it updated or people hired by you who make it for your brand. Both ways you invest either your time or money.

However, there is a third option. You don’t need to create and maintain your own e-commerce platform. You can sell your clothes on a complete, well-developed e-commerce platform such as that is one our projects devoted to fashion. does all the online work for you

It is a very convenient solution for all children fashion retailers and designers. Thus, its main goal is to maintain a website that reaches the target market. In addition, it provides all customers with the hassle-free, effortless shopping experience. The latest e-commerce technology allows Littlemees to provide their customers with a smooth order taking and successful payment process. Above all, uses the most advanced sales tracking in the business. Hence, it records, analyses and improves sales thanks to comprehensive insights.

Start your online sale now

You don’t have to worry about all the logistics and technical features of the e-commerce fashion platform. You bring your products to, and the team of experts helps you to sale your designs and clothing lines online. Your customers receive their orders to their homes while you can make spend more time on developing other aspects of your business. Simple but effective.

Check our portfolio to see the rest of our projects. Also, if you need professional product photography go and read what we have to offer in our photography services. You will find there all you need to show products and start your own online shop.