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Whatsapp automation allows you to o send an automated reply customize messages. After all, your customers will appreciate you being in touch with them! Whatsapp automation is possible through WhatsApp Business API. Unfortunately it is available for limited businesses right now. Of course you are free to apply for the API, but it requires time and a lot of effort. So how to do it effortlessly? Check our solutions.

A litttle bit about Whatsapp itself

Whatsapp was born out of an idea of a seamless, ad-free communication network with the user’s existing contacts. This, combined with its simple to use interface, makes it one of the world’s most popular social network. It is testified by its easy to download and install process. Now, after Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2014, this has paved the way for them to think of ways to generate revenue. Hence a new featured called Whatsapp Business was introduced. This feature doesn’t restrict the business to its contacts only. So, it helps the business expand its reach – making it an essential marketing tool for modern-day businesses. In fact, it came with another great available option – Whatsapp automation.

However, in this fast-paced world, even this useful feature without automation can be difficult to manage your business. Keeping track of message threads, identifying customers and clients, replying to each one separately is not only a time-consuming process. It is also an often-underestimated reason contributing to lower productivity levels.

Whatsapp Business APIs are a good solution to this issue. However, this feature is only available to limited businesses and is not yet open to the public. Also, submitting your documents and getting them verified by them is a long and lengthy process.

Whatsapp automation – and why you should have it!

Automating WhatsApp by a third party would be the most optimal solution. The advantages of whatsapp automation would be:

  • Automatic response to a large number of customers and clients individually in real-time.
  • Ability to customize personal or canned responses to clients.
  • Save time and manpower on response time.
  • Sending notifications, alerts, links, videos, images, attachments, etc.

Here at NatWeb Solutions, we do have a quick and easy way to send canned responses or engage individual chats and monitor their responses. We can help you to fully integrate Whatsapp with your systems so you can start messaging your customers today.
Requirements? All we need are your business phone number, client’s phone number and the text message itself. After that, it’s just smooth sailing!

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Send fully automated WhatsApp messages and notifications!