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Where do we spend most of our time online? That’s right, in social media. So, where can you find the majority of your potential clients? Correct, social media is the correct answer again. By the end of 2018, the estimated number of users of social media was expected to reach 2.5 billion people. Imagine, 2.5 billion! Even though social media now rule the world, many business owners still forget to invest time and money on advertising in social media. Don’t treat online marketing as an additional expense. Being active online is necessary. It will generate income in the future, trust us. We’ve been there and done that. Today we want to share with you the main reason why you should also spend money on advertising in social media. Are you ready? Sit back and read carefully.

Brace yourself – Facebook and Instagram algorithms are what kills our organic traffic!

So let’s just say you have 1000 people who like your fanpage. You should know that not all of them see your posts. What’s more, the majority of them don’t see your posts. Why? It is all because of Facebook or Instagram algorithms. They have been designed (and are constantly, dynamically modified and customized) to show us only what we are potentially interested in. The point is to keep our attention and keep us online as long as possible. This means that your posts only see those people who, in the opinion of the Facebook algorithm (you read well, in the opinion of Facebook, not yours) may be interested in the content. Fair or unfair? The answer is different – there is no other way.

Facebook has grown to an unimaginable size. It is no longer possible to follow all the posts, so Facebook chooses for us what will show us to interest us and keep us in the online world as long as possible. Paid advertisements make Facebook’s algorithm look more favorable on us. Our content is more likely and more often (depending on the amount paid and the settings of the advertisement) displayed to a greater number of observers.

Show me the results of your Facebook campaign and I’ll tell you who your potential customers are… and how to convince them.

In fact, paid advertisements in social media give you a range of incredible opportunities. For instance, you have a chance to check what, how and who is attracted to your website. Target your ads and display them to a specific group of recipients. Prepare a separate content for regular visitors to your website, and completely different for those you want to convince to your brand. Track campaign statistics, analyze them and prepare content based on your marketing goals. Advertisements targeted at specific individuals are more effective than organic coverage and content targeted at random, unspecified observers.

Advertising in social media is a must!

Digital marketing and social media marketing are a must nowadays. Both help you to move your business forward, gain new audience and convert it into clients. Therefore, you increase your income. The times when good product and catchy content alone were enough to win the battle for online audience are slowly coming to an end. Good content must go hand in hand with good positioning and range. Don’t spare money for good advertising or for someone who will take care of it on your behalf. In addition, being active in social media, your brand gains recognition. This allows you to build relationships with your users. Thus, it makes much easier to turn them into future customers. Smartly designed and targeted advertising in social media can really work wonders!

Finally, remember the most important thing – advertising cannot be pushy. Invest, target, build recognition in social media, but do it carefully. Create the kind of advertisements you would like to see yourself. By the way, talking about the advertising in social media, visit us on instagram. Check our feed, and try to guess which is our favorite color: