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Good news, UAE residents! The change is coming. Namely, we may be able to call our friends on WhatsApp soon. The executive director of the UAE’s National Electronic Security Authority – Mohamed Al Kuwaiti told CNBC that the UAE had started the collaboration with the big tech platforms, and one of them was Facebook-owned WhatsApp. He added that they confirmed from the telecommunication authorities here in the UAE that some changes were coming. So, will UAE lift ban on WhatsApp calling? Well, it can, and it may end like this.

Why is it so important?

The UAE is a little bit behind the other Gulf countries. It remains one of the few countries in the region where Skype, FaceTime and other VoIP apps are still blocked. By the way, Saudi Arabia lifted its ban in September 2017. The kingdom says it will allow apps that satisfy regulatory requirements to function. At the same time, it will still monitor calls.

Will UAE lift ban on WhatsApp calling soon? We believe it will. This will facilitate the work and communication of many people. Let us know your thoughts.

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