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New WordPress has been the final major release of 2019! 5.3 version was released to the public on November 12, 2019. The designers named it “Kirk” in honour of jazz multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk. The new WordPress version aims to polish current interactions. It also makes the user interfaces (UIs) more user friendly. In fact, it includes lots of great new features, enhancements and bug fixes!

The team responsible for the new WordPress 5.3 – you all did a great job. We are thankful for what you’ve achieved!

We like the most the improvements in the, so called, Editing Experience. These are the areas where you will find noticeable and improving work efficiency changes in the editor. There are new features concerning the Group, the Columns blocks, and the Navigation Mode that enables to navigate between blocks without going into block content. The expanded design is also more flexible now. Thanks to all changes you can easily divide your page into colorful sections now and arrange your content into advanced designs. There is the automatic image rotation that help to correctly rotate images upon upload concerning the embedded orientation data. The new WordPress version has also the improved large image support for uploading non-optimized, high-resolution pictures. It is especially useful in the era of smartphone and high-quality cameras when it is important to have good-looking and convincing pictures on your website.

You can download new WordPress version or update it in your dashboard! To see what’s new in WordPress 5.3 and more details and all the included enhancements go to the official 5.3 Field Guide. In case of any questions or problems just contact us. 

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