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Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension is the best solution for your online store. But before we convince you to that, let’s start over. You have your own online shop, so you know the feeling. All these numbers, statistics, who spent how much time watching your products, who left an empty basket – you can get a headache from all of these. We say one thing to every online shop owner who comes to us for help:

Look for solutions that will make your work easier! Check, test and implement them permanently.

What is Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension

Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension is one of these solutions that make your online store an effective and well-organized online business that people will love to visit again. First of all, everyone wants to save their time and have more understandable steps while proceeding to checkout. Attracting a customer to a one-time purchase is one thing. But doing everything to get him back is the key to success. You really can’t forget about the checkout process. We still don’t understand why so many business owners ignore it. It has to be properly designed to increase the conversion rate and reduce checkout time so, your customers will complete the order fast. Thus, they will leave your online shop happy and satisfied.

In fact, a complicated checkout process can frustrate even the most loyal customer, trust us (been there, done that). The Magento 2 extension allows your customers to checkout just one step – as its name suggest. Your customer’s actions are smartly analyzed for you to ensure exceptional user experience. Your customers save time and you receive an increased conversion rate by providing the customers with the quick and simple order process via a customized and user-friendly checkout page.

What kind of payment method you use on your e-commerce website? Stripe, Credit Card, Paypal or maybe Bitcoin? It doesn’t matter. Magento 2 One Step Checkout supports nearly 100% payment and shipping methods.

Recover Abandoned Carts – one of our favorite features!

Do you remember when we mentioned in the Content marketing – how to choose the best marketing strategy article that around 7% of customers are the customers who made the decision about buying a product or service that you are also offering but just not now? Well, it’s time to fight for them, and Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension gives you the tool to do it. If a customer leaves your shop without finalizing the purchase, the smart extension (we really like to call it that way; because it is very smart, indeed) will send an automatic email to remind him or her about their abandoned carts. In addition, it will also offer them a discount. Thanks to special reports you will also keep track on figures such as cart abandonment rate, recovery rate and sent error.

There is also an option to buy Abandoned Cart Email extension separately, if you want to improve only the abandoned cart rate, and we focus more on this specific extension in the other post.

It is all just a really small part of what this extension really does to your online shop.

You can read more about Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension here, and also check the different editions from the standard to the professional one. Purchase this extension today. You really won’t regret it.
And if you have any questions or problems, contact us – we have solutions. Natweb solutions 🙂